MEETING NIGHTS:  2nd Wednesday of the month, [ Except January ] Time:7pm Start 

All clubs have a certain amount of business and decisions that have to be made, we feel that this is your club and you should be involved with the decisions. We have a committe to deal with day to day issues and then report back to the members for any decisions to be ratified.

This is done to free up valuable club time for guest speakers, competitions and workshops.

SUPPER:  This is a great time that gives you the chance to stretch your legs have a cuppa and a chat with others. When you are finished your tea or coffee it is up to you to wash, dry and put away your own cup. This is also the time to buy your raffle tickets. This also gives the guest speaker or another person time to judge the club competition photos. 

Most meetings have a guest speaker who will talk on a different aspect of photography each month.  This is a great opportunity for you to learn a little about a wide range of subjects.  It is always a good idea to bring along a note pad to take notes. Please bring your camera along as

lecturers are encouraged to give practical exercises.  After the guest speaker has finished his/her talk you will have the opportunity to ask them questions.  Even if you only learn one thing out of each lecture it is one thing more that you know. 

When the Guest speaker finishes their talk we ask them to make some brief comments on the photos. And tells us who wins, These wins are recorded and added up at the end of the year and  trophies are awarded for the various category winners.